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Stableford, Brian: JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE

Asgard 1



Skladem: 1 ks
Číslo produktu: ISBN 0-450-50612-6
Nakladatel: New English Library
Rok vydání: 1989
EAN kód: 9780450506123
120 Kč (€ 4,92) ( neplátce DPH )
Hlídací pes:
Hlídací pes

do košíku:

They called the world Asgard: the Home of the Gods.

Beneath its artificial shell were three vast cave-systems, each one the size of an Earthlike world; beneath those, three more. No one knew how many layers there might be - and no one knew what secret was buried at its centre.

At some time in the remote past, Asgard had suffered a terrible catastrophe. Now its outer layers were cold, its builders presumed dead. Explorers and exploiters from a hundred different worlds were scavenging among the ruins. But deep below there might still be light, and life, and perils unknown.

When the race to the lower levels began, Mike Rousseau was right up with the leaders. He wasn´t alone, but the friends he had were the kind that would normally make you prefer your enemies - except that his enemies were the worst a man could possibly have ... and they were right behind him ... and closing in...

He might be the man to solve the biggest puzzle in the galaxy - if he could only stay alive...

AUTHOR: Brian Stableford

COVER: paperback

PAGES: 201

LANGUAGE: english

Hlídací pes
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