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Úvod »Různé» LeClaire, Anne D.: LAND´S END


LeClaire, Anne D.: LAND´S END

It is the place where terror begins



Skladem: 1 ks
Číslo produktu: ISBN 0-553-25114-7
Nakladatel: Bantam Books
Rok vydání: 1985
Upřesnění stavu: dobrý
EAN kód: 07678300350
90 Kč (€ 3,69) ( neplátce DPH )
Hlídací pes:
Hlídací pes

do košíku:

After the brutal murder of his wife, Peter Thorpe escapes to Land´s End to mend his shattered life. The remote island seems idyllic - a picturesque fishing village inhabited by fifty families whose roots stretch back for generations. There is no police force - according to the islanders, there is no crime.

But several things about the island are strangely disturbing. Young once-pretty women who seem old beyond their years. Children who are too obedient, too docile, too well-behaved. Rumors that no one born on the island has ever been allowed to leave.

Soon Peter will learn the shocking truth about Land´s End. About the all-powerful Council of Elders that administers its harsh laws. About the chilling meaning of their oft-spoken phrase "It´s our way..."

And, most of all, he will learn what horrible things can happen to a stranger from the mainland who dares to fall in love with the wrong woman...

AUTHOR: Anne D. Le Claire

COVER: paperback

PAGES: 287

LANGUAGE: english

Hlídací pes
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