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SCIFI: English Books

Zahraniční publikace v jazyce anglickém.

Luke returns home with Han Solo, hoping to make


Where men are scattered like dust between the


Out there, in that unbelievable vastness, many are


Back under the thumb of the Terran Empire after


Captain Sir Dominic Flandry was a top man in the


Somewhere, spinning through another universe, is


It was Earth, but not Earth as we know it.


Charlie Stuart, young scion of the Scottish royal


Brave words, ondered by the Advisory Council of


Early in human history, certain unique individuals


JUPITER where no human could live - but where men


Something was happening to the weather. Winter


When three Terrans - a space pilot, a planetary


Damon Knight has said that SF and prophecy are two

Cena 90 Kč (€ 3,69)


Here in one volume are three brilliant short


CONTENTS: Deadfall (Scott MacMillan) Hearing

Cena 90 Kč (€ 3,69)


Beyond the gate of worlds lies a land where

Cena 90 Kč (€ 3,69)


In the early 21st century a breakthrough in

Cena 120 Kč (€ 4,92)


CONTENTS: FOREWORD 1 - The Second Revolution


CONTENT: Introduction (Julie Nováková) The Dragon

Cena 150 Kč (€ 6,15)