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19 Tales by the Masters of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy



Skladem: 0 ks
Číslo produktu: ISBN 0-451-45142-2
Nakladatel: Roc Book
Rok vydání: 1990
Hlídací pes:
Hlídací pes

In these 19 evocative pieces of short fiction, best-selling and award-winning writers tackle such intriguing issues as sex by tlepathy, the pick-up scene on other planets, and making love with Superman. Thought-provoking, often shocking, always entertaining, Alien Sex daringly explores those barriers between men and women that can make them seem so "alien" to one another. Probing the current and future state, shape, and complex problems of the human male/female relationship, this fantastic collection will make you think about sex in a whole new way.


  • FOREWORD: Strange Attractors (William Gibson)
  • Her Furry Face (Leigh Kennedy)
  • War Bride (Rick Wilber)
  • How´s the night life on Cissalda? (Harlan Ellison)
  • The Jamesburg incubus (Scott Baker)
  • Man of steel, woman of kleenex (Larry Niven)
  • The first time (K. W. Jeter)
  • The jungle rot kid on the nod (Philip José Farmer)
  • Husbands (Lisa Tuttle)
  • When the fathers go (Bruce McAllister)
  • Dancing Chickens (Edward Bryant)
  • Roadside Rescue (Pat Cadigan)
  • Omnisexual (Geoff Ryman)
  • All my darling daughters (Connie Willis)
  • Arousal (Richard Christian Matheson)
  • Scales (Lewis Shiner)
  • Saving the world at the New Moon Hotel (Roberta Lannes)
  • And I awoke and found me here on the Cold Hill´s side (James Tiptree, Jr.)
  • Picture Planes (Michaela Roessner)
  • Love and sex among the invertebrates (Pat Murphy)

EDITED BY: Ellen Datlow

COVER: paperback

PAGES: 317

LANGUAGE: english

Hlídací pes
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